TERRORtUBE is a modern day ‘Outer Limits’ meets ‘Hammer Horror’ with the over-riding theme exploring our relationship with the modern world. Over a six-week season each individual story will be 15 mins long and posted to the TERRORtUBE channel on YouTube. With a new film each week we will employ the unique storytelling device of taking a background character from one story and making them the main character in the next one and so on. This will link all the stories together within the same world whilst still exploring the over-arcing theme.



Each film will be unique but use the defining TERRORtUBE principles of:


*Above all it should be a psychologically scary idea. Fears of the mind.


*Intelligent scripts that build a sense of dread and creep out the audience.


*Films that rely on good tight story telling rather than special effects.


*Strong iconic antagonists that have the potential to be developed into franchise characters.


*Atmospheric shockers giving a real sense of atmosphere and place.


*Low budget simple premises which whilst commercial are based around strong characters and spooking the    audience rather than cheap shocks or expensive special effects.


*All based in the UK.


*Each film will have a budget between £5-10K a piece.


*Projects that can be shot on HD.


*Small crews and realistic set pieces/special effects.


*A limited number of locations.


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