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STARBURST MAGAZINE: “Through the Looking Glass will get under your skin. Taken as a whole it is an impressive film that defies standard assessment and is proof if proof is needed that talent and skill are more important than financial freedom.”


AIN'T IT COOL: "Nothing seems forced and it makes the fall all the more believable. And more importantly, this is a story that doesn’t feel the need to use too many special effects in order to tell a good, solid scary story."


“A terrifying horror, an atmospheric shocker” – Festival Director SBFF 2007, winner of Best Horror.


Movie In Focus: “Through The Looking Glass is a thought provoking psychological horror-thriller, which shows that money is no substitute for a captivating story.”


The Horror Zine: "Through the Looking Glass is well-made and looks bigger than its small budget. It is properly eerie and unpredictable, very atmospheric and creepy."


Directors Live:  "This very creepy and yet beautifully shot film is not one to be watched in the dark. "


"This is an intriguing film, which has some genuinely creepy scenes and lots of mood" - GRIMM Festival


Rkummer Blog: “The slow-turn horror really makes Through The Looking Glass a huge cut above.  Highly recommended.” 


Horrorphilia: "A solid 5"


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