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the workshop presents... was formed in 1997 by Craig Griffith and Rupert Staveley. The two met whilst both studying film at the Surrey Institute of Art & Design in 1996.


The first film produced by  the workshop presents...was a short comedy called LITTLE BLUE SPOT. The film was shown at many festivals  and went on to win two awards for Best Comedy and Best Student Film.


After completing many short films and music videos  the workshop presents...began developing it's first feature film. Entitled THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS the film was completed in 2007. The film has shown in many film festivals around the world and has been nominated for awards as Best Horror at SBFF for which it won and Best Film at the Everglades Film Festival. The film has since been signed by US distributors Goliath & Continuum.


the workshop currently shooting a road movie called THE LONG ROAD and developing a slate of new feature films, scripts and trans-media projects including the upcoming thrillers EVOLUTION CELL and NIGHTVISION.


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